Snuza trio plus portable baby video,sound and movement monitor

Snuza Trio Plus combines the movement-detection capabilities of the award-winning Snuza Hero Cordless Mobile Baby Movement Monitor with video and audio functions to provide a three-in-one monitoring system.
The Snuza Video and Snuza Hero are separate units which can be used independently.
The unique mobile Snuza movement monitor which is without cords, wires or sensor pads, attaches to the nappy.
The Snuza will vibrate after 15 seconds if no movement is detected in an effort to cause resumption of abdominal movement, followed by a loud alarm.
The video has a 3.5” LCD screen display.
In addition the motorised pan tilt camera unit gives the view of your baby and enables the parent unit to go beyond where other usual video baby monitors can go.
Parent can talk to baby through the parent unit. Baby’s room temperature gets displayed on the monitor and alert parents once room temperature is out of comfort zone.
Expandable up to 4 cameras and has a voice activation function. Snuza Trio Plus monitor system offers complete peace of mind.



  • Detects abdominal movement

  • Alarms if all movement stops

  • Clips onto diaper for total mobility - no cords, wires or pads

  • Vibration stimulus after 15 seconds of no movement

  • Alarm after 20 seconds of no movement

  • Replaceable battery


  • 3.5" LCD screen view

  • Motorized pan-tilt baby unit function

  • Include rechargeable battery for monitor

  • 2-way talkback function

  • Baby feed timer function

  • Infrared night vision

  • Automatic night vision activation on camera

  • Out of range warning

  • Volume setting at monitor unit (0~8 levels)

  • Expandable up to 4 cameras

  • Digital wireless technology ensures zero interference and 100% privacy

  • Room temperature display and alert

  • Digital zoom function

  • Voice activation function (VOX)

  • Sound level indication

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