EXOS Phase2

EXOS Performance Mentorship Phase 2


This course is taught in English and translated in Thai


Phase 2 builds on what you learned in the first phase, further exploring coaching science and application on the field and in the gym.


This four-day phase covers advanced theory and methods concerning movement skills, strength, and Energy Systems Development. It also explores the art of coaching, with emphasis placed on the Functional Movement Screen, corrective exercises, and methods to optimize coaching and communication strategies.


Topics include:

- Coach collaboration sessions
- Common movement dysfunction
- Advanced linear- and multidirectional-speed methods
- Intensive and extensive strength-power development
- Advanced Energy Systems
- Development programming
- Completed Functional Movement
- Screen solutions


What you’ll receive:

- Exclusive discounts from EXOS partners
- CEU Credits: NSCA: 2 | ACSM: 30


Date / Venue:

December 12-15 (4 - day)




1. คลิก "ลงทะเบียน" กรอกราายละเอียดให้ถูกต้องและครบถ้วน กด SUBMIT

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