Performance Coaching Education series

Learn to enhance human performance through Movement

This course is influenced by industry leading experts in functional movement, performance training, mobility and regeneration.


Performance Coaching Certification

The “CPC Certified Performance Coach” Certification will provide attendees an integrated strategy for improving human movement potential, through a 2-day education course sponsored by SKLZ and TriggerPoint. This course addresses multiple considerations that affect our ability to help clients move well and perform at their highest level.


Movement efficiency and variability will be our guide as we prioritize methods, strategies and techniques within a system to create a custom program that fits the exact needs of our clients.


The “CPC” Certification is a 2-day course created for everyone from personal and group trainers to wellness coaches and physical therapists. This 12-hour certification focuses on providing you with the tools you need to drive high-performance outcomes for your general fitness and elite level clients. You’ll get insights and strategies to help facilitate long-lasting change in your clients and keep them coming back.


Enhancing human performance through movement involves the seamless interplay between coach and client, working closely together in an effort to help the client meet their goals. A CPC is not the trainer who tells people what to do, but acts as a guide who gives all the necessary information to help the client arrive at the finish line. The CPC empowers the client on their journey. This course will emphasize goal oriented programming with an emphasis away from stereotypic standard of current training practices. This course will introduce a new paradigm for understanding and enhancing how our clients perform using a tried and true methodology.


The Performance Program Template will be our white board as we learn the 5-Training Phases with the 7-Components that underpin each phase. Each of these phases, and components will have concomitant drills, exercises and movements to build out a robust and balanced (custom) program for your clients.

A variety of performance tools (speed, strength and conditioning equipment along with mobility and recovery equipment) will be used to tackle an athletic-based approach to performance and functional movement programming.


Performance Coaching Certification

At the conclusion of the course, attendees will be able to

• Understand the difference between a system or concept vs method or technique

• Create a “better” performance-based warmup

• Understand how breathing may be the “unlock”

• Build a robust and balanced program

• Learn the 5-Training Phases and programming

• Learn the 7-Components of each phase and programming

• Show proficiency in various movements, drills and exercises in our custom library

• Interact with innovative performance enhancement training tools for myofascial release, and massage to speed, agility and strength development

• Put it all together with a case study

• “Eat the Rainbow” – Nutrition 101


Become a Certified Performance Coach

Personal and group trainers, health and wellness coaches and as well as strength and conditioning specialists are invited to a 2-day education course sponsored by SKLZ and TriggerPoint. Globally recognized strength and conditioning coach and FitPro Michael Cummings will conduct a 2-day workshop in Asia, where he will open up his playbook to all attendees in an effort to share proven industry methodology that has created gold medals and world champions for decades. The workshop will be a hands-on approach to building a balanced and scaled program that will be suitable for the elite athlete or the fitness novice. Whether you train youth or adults this workshop will help you develop strong athletes. We will build the program together and run through a library of drills and movements that you will be able to pull from to re-create your own gold medal program whenever you want.


The workshop is an all-encompassing system including comprehensive strategies for improving strength and neuromuscular control to targeting techniques to decrease muscle overactivity, increase soft-tissue extensibility, and improve joint range of motion.


CPC Day 1:

We will learn the methodology to approach programming. Then get into the 5-Training Phases that will make up our Performance Program. Learn and identify the 7-Component system that supports each phase. In day 1 we will receive a program template and go through 1-4.


CPC: Day 2:

We will start with a nutrition discussion and then pick up where we left off, discussing components 5-7. We will end by putting it all together with a case study.

Please note that the lecture portion will only be about 25% of the overall workshop. Most of the time will be spent going through the movement library and building out our performance program together.




Performance Coaching Education Series

Learn to enhance human performance through movement


What you'll Receive:

- Certified Performance Coach Certification (CPC)

- CEC / CEUs by: NASM (1.3), AFAA (13), ACE (1.3), PTAG (12)


Date / Venue:

October 26-27, 2019

8:00 am- 5:00pm

Venue: ศูนย์กีฬาในร่ม ชั้น8 อาคาร8 Bangkok University (Kluaynamthai)



EARLY BIRD RATE: 3,900.00 Baht

REGULAR RATE: 4,900.00 Baht


REGULAR RATE: 7,900.00


- Shirt

- Manual

- Certificate of attendance



- Shirt

- Manual

- CEC Certification



- EARLY BIRD starts on Sep. 11 until Oct. 10, 2019

- REGULAR starts on Oct. 11 until Oct. 25, 2019