X Bar Fitness



The personal workout system that is taking the fitness industry by storm! Gyms, trainers and home fitness enthusiasts all love the XBAR. It’s an entire gym in the palm of your hands!!




(1) THE ONE & ONLY XBAR! – The skillfully designed, 34” long, lightweight yet incredibly tough, metal XBAR with robust fully rotating end-cap swivels. Finished with our stunning soft-rubber grip for extreme comfort and superior grip


(2) RESISTANCE BANDS - Green-5lbs, Red-8lbs, Blue-13lbs. That's 26lbs of resistance per side! With Bodylastics anti-snap technology. You’ll never have to worry about our bands snapping 


(3) PUSH-UP DOCKS - Solid rubber push-up docks that cradle the XBAR for dozens of ground and pound exercises     


(4) DOOR ANCHOR – The compact heavy-duty anchor enables XBAR bands to be gently and safely attached to the top, bottom or side of almost any door for dozens of pulling and pushing exercises 


(5) FITNESS GUIDE - 32-page, full color, instruction manual with over 100 detailed XBAR exercises, safety tips and the entertaining XBAR Fitness back story 


(6) CINCH SACK - 16" x 16" accessories backpack with drawstring top to keep your accessories and valuables all in one place


Best portable, affordable, home fitness workout tool for a full body workout. The XBAR with resistance bands allows for unlimited muscle building exercises.